Bottlebrush & Wattle Rectangle Necklace
Once Upon A Blossom

Bottlebrush & Wattle Rectangle Necklace

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✿ Native Plant - bottlebrush & Wattle

✿ Stainless Steel Chain - length 50cm (Colour Options : Silver/Gold)

✿ Pendant size - 4*1.8 cm

✿ Handmade in Australia

✿ Lightweight Resin made in Australia

✿ One of a kind and unique

- Reminder -
Each pressed flower is one of a kind, patterns in every piece are unique and differ slightly. Colours may vary due to different phone settings.
Small air bubbles may be present in resin and do not affect the flowers.

- Care and Storage -
RESIN is a long-lasting, durable and clear medium. Flowers can be well preserved in resin. Colours may change overtime with exposure to sunlight and moisture.

✭ Keep away from moisture and sunlight
✭ Store your jewellery in a dry and air-tight box
✭ Remove before sleeping/entering water
✭ Pressure may cause jewellery to bend or break
✭ Avoid tugging & pulling the jewellery
✭ Polish your jewellery with a silver cloth gently

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